Guests: 8 From: 98,000
Staterooms: 4
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Sleeps 8 guests in 4 guest stateroom(s).
1 with King Bed(s)
3 with Double Bed(s)


1 x Master stateroom towards the bow.
3 x Guest staterooms on the lower deck.


Guests 8
# Of Crew 4
Length92.00 Ft / 28.00 m
Beam21.12 ft
Draft6 ft
Built - Refit:2022
Cruising Speed10


Dinghy HP50
Paddle Boards2
Double KayaksYes
Adult Water-skis1
Jet Skis1
Snorkeling gearYes
Inflatable, towable tubesYes
Scuba DivingYacht offers Rendezvous Diving only


From: 98,000

Pricing Details

Introductory rate $98,000.00 + 14% tax + 25% APA. Fuel included.


Crew Profile

Firat Gurelli

Sevda Arinc

Dylan Hattingh

Nika Novakovska
Captain Firat

Introducing Captain Firat, your experienced captain on board the luxury yacht "Papillon."

With a lifelong passion for sailing and over 8 years in the maritime industry, he is your reliable captain for an extraordinary voyage.

As a charter captain, sailing instructor, and surveyor, Captain Firat places your safety and comfort above all else. He holds a diploma in yacht and small craft surveying, ensuring a seamless and secure sailing experience.

Captain Firat's interests extend beyond the sea, with a background in philosophy and literary theory, adding a layer of depth to your journey. Additionally, he is a certified divemaster, ready to guide you through the wonders both above and beneath the waves.

When you embark on a charter aboard "Papillon," you're choosing a voyage marked by expertise and luxury. Captain Firat's years of experience and diverse knowledge promise a professional and unforgettable adventure.

Chef Sevda

Meet Chef Sevda, the culinary talent aboard your luxury yacht. With years of sailing experience and five years in the maritime industry, Sevda brings a wealth of expertise to the galley of your charter vessel. Before embarking on her culinary journey, Sevda served as an ICU nurse, tending to the well-being of patients with unwavering care and precision. This background in healthcare reflects her commitment to safety and wellbeing, ensuring a comfortable and health-conscious dining experience.

Sevda's diverse skill set doesn't end in the kitchen. As a certified yoga instructor, she understands the importance of balance and relaxation. Whether you're savoring her exquisite creations or looking for a rejuvenating session, Sevda's holistic approach to your journey sets her apart.
With an extensive culinary resume that spans the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Bahamas, and South Pacific, Chef Sevda is a true explorer of taste. She's continuously honed her skills, mastering a variety of cuisines to delight your palate during your voyage.

Embark on a culinary adventure with Chef Sevda, where her passion for exquisite cuisine, background in healthcare, and dedication to holistic well-being promise a gourmet experience like no other.

Deckhand/Engineer Dylan

Dylan is a dynamic deck/engineer hailing from the coastal beauty of Namibia. Growing up surrounded by the ocean, Dylan developed an unwavering love for maritime adventures and the intricate workings of vessels. His journey into the yachting industry was a natural progression of his innate passion for the sea and mechanical aspects.

Eager to broaden his horizons, Dylan has good experience which equippes him with the technical prowess to tackle any challenge that comes his way. Through his relentless dedication, he quickly became known as the "fixer" aboard the superyacht, with an uncanny ability to troubleshoot and repair any mechanical or technical issues.

Dylans warm and approachable nature has endeared him to the charter guests, who appreciate his genuine desire to ensure that their every need is met. Whether it's overseeing deck operations, fine-tuning the engines, or swiftly resolving unexpected malfunctions, Dylans resourcefulness and expertise have consistently elevated the onboard experience.

Stewardess Veronika

Our stewardess Nika, a spirited and self-driven individual from Ireland, carries a profound background in hospitality. Her unwavering passion revolves around crafting extraordinary experiences, and she takes immense pride in ensuring guests enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment. The instant she stepped onto a boat, Nika discovered her true calling.

Her commitment to the guest experience is paramount; Nika not only thrives on forging connections with people but also relishes the opportunity to exchange and weave stories.

Beyond her hospitality prowess, she harbors a profound interest and knowledge in health, sustaining an active lifestyle. Ever ready to share her wellness insights.

For Nika, it's not just a job but a dedication to weaving genuine and lasting memories for those who embark on the Papillon journey alongside her.


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