Sitka – Tracy Arm Glaciers – Juneau, 10 Nights

Sample Itinerary

Sitka – Tracy Arm Glaciers – Juneau, 10 Nights

Luxury Yacht Charter in Alaska

Day 1

Sitka to Douglas Cove in Hoonah Sound
45 nautical miles

Explore the beautiful community of Sitka, the historic Russian capital of Alaska. Highlights include walking among historic totem poles at Totem Park; viewing eagles and large birds of prey at the Raptor Rehabilitation Center; and shopping for paintings, carvings and jewelry made by local and Alaska Native artists at galleries. You can also visit the Russian Orthodox St. Michael’s Cathedral to see their collection of sacred art.

Depart Sitka and transit Sergius Narrows and Peril Strait to anchor in Douglas Cove, then come aboard the tender to sightsee and catch some shrimp for dinner.

Day 2

Douglas Cove in Hoonah Sound to Takatz Bay
50 nautical miles

Cruise the interior waters of Peril and Chatham Straits into good waters for viewing Orca whales and the world’s fastest marine mammals, the Dall’s Porpoises). Continue on into Takatz Bay for an overnight anchorage and put out the crab pots! This is a great place to kayak in protected areas and view Brown Bear.

Day 3

Takatz Bay to Baranof Warm Springs to Red Bluff Bay
30 nautical miles

You’ll continue cruising south today in Chatham Strait with a refreshing stop at Baranof Warm Springs. Bring your swimsuit to soak in the gorgeous natural hot pool facing a raging whitewater river, or enjoy a hot tub au naturel in a rustic private individual bathhouse with views of the bay. There’s a nice short hike along the river to a scenic lake. You can fish for trout in the river or lake. Pick wild salmonberries (in July), or blueberries (in August) along the trail. From Baranof Warm Springs, it’s a short cruise to Red Bluff Bay, which offers one most scenic landscapes along Southeast Alaska’s inside passage. You can kayak into the spray of an awe-inspiring waterfall and get a close-up view of bears fishing (most likely in August). This is another good location to set pots for shrimp.

Day 4

Red Bluff Bay to Deep Cove
27 nautical miles

As you head deeper into the South Baranof Wilderness area, you will appreciate why it is also known as the Waterfall Coast. Anchored at the head of Deep Cove is another stunning spot to enjoy from the deck of yacht or the kayaks.

Day 5

Deep Cove to Big Port Walter
16 nautical miles

Continue exploring the wilderness of Baranof Island. You can take the tender for a side trip into the small fishing community of Port Alexander. Fewer then 100 people make their year-round home here at the southern tip of Baranof Island. A stroll up the boardwalk and down the forest path to the beach is a good way to stretch your legs and appreciate the pace of life in a small Alaska community. The anchorage tonight will be near the site of an old salmon cannery in Big Port Walter. Take the kayaks ashore to explore the cannery ruins. Bring poles along to fish for salmon in the river or at the base of a scenic waterfall.

Day 6

Big Port Walter to Tebenkoff Bay
25 nautical miles

Today you’ll cross Chatham Strait to Kuiu Island, and enter Tebenkoff Bay with its myriad of islands and passageways. This area is part of the Kuiu Wilderness in Tongass National Forest. It’s a great place to watch for Black Bear, as it has some of the highest concentrations in the country. You’ll find great kayaking amidst the islands, inlets, and salt water chucks. Commercial fishermen comprise most of the visitors to this remote area. You can get some good photos of their boats if you stay up late for their arrival, or get up early before they head back to work.

Day 7

Tebenkoff Bay to Bay of Pillars
21 nautical miles

The Bay of Pillars on Kuiu Island is renowned for good fishing, kayaking, and sheer loveliness. You’ll have the day to explore the wilderness by kayak or aboard the tender.

Day 8

Bay of Pillars to Pybus Bay
55 nautical miles

You’ll cruise from Chatham Strait into Frederick Sound today. These waters feature some of the highest concentrations of Humpback Whales on the planet! Watch them dive, surface and breach for as long as you want. Finish the day’s journey anchoring in scenic Cannery Cove. This is a good place to take kayaks or the tender up the estuary at high tide. You might see birds, and possibly Brown Bear fishing and feeding in the river, depending on the timing of Salmon runs.

Day 9

Pybus Bay to No Name Cove
50 nautical miles

Traveling north through Fredrick Sound, you’ll enter Stephens Passage. Let the crew know if you’d like to pass near the southernmost point of the Brothers Islands to see if the Stellar Sea Lions are hauled out. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the unbelievable spectacle of Humpback Whales engaged in cooperative “bubble net feeding.” Anchor tonight in No Name Cove. This is an excellent place to kayak near small icebergs – but not too close, as they sometimes roll!

Day 10

No Name Cove to Tracy Arm to Taku Harbor
71 nautical miles

Travel 25 miles up Tracy Arm Fjord to the blue ice glacier. The trip features abundant waterfalls, steep granite cliffs, and the awesome sights and sounds of calving ice. You’ll see harbor seals floating on icebergs, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the elusive Mountain Goats perched on rocky ledges. Enjoy plenty of time at Sawyer Glacier. Anchor tonight in Taku Harbor and keep an eye on the beach for Black Bear. Listen for the haunting song of the Loons that often visit this area.

Day 11

Taku Harbor to Downtown Juneau
21 nautical miles

Enjoy a final breakfast aboard your yacht, then depart Taku Harbor and travel north through Stephens Passage. Along the mainland shoreline, scan for Brown and Black Bear. You may even see Humpbacks, Orcas and/or Dall’s Porpoises on your trip into Juneau.

If you have time, we’d be happy to recommend some local attractions and establishments to visit in Alaska’s capital city prior to your departure.

Scenic Flights

A scenic flight is a wonderful addition to an Alaska yacht charter. It’s best to fly in clear weather, so we recommend that guests let the crew arrange a spectacular flight-seeing tour during the charter based on the weather. If you are interested in a helicopter tour up to a glacier with a Dog Sled experience, please let us know as you book your charter, because these sell out quickly.


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