Exumas: Nassau – Nassau, 7 nights

Sample Itinerary

Exumas: Nassau – Nassau, 8 days / 7 nights

Luxury Yacht Charter in Bahamas

Day 1

Nassau to Highbourne

Fly in to Nassau, then take a short vehicle transfer to Albany Marina. Our cruise today is a short hop to Highbourne Cay in the Northern Exumas, 35nm east.

Arrive in time for cocktails on the Jacuzzi deck or a swim in the pristine waters that will be your home for the next seven days. If you would like to dock in the marina please let us know well before your trip so we reserve, otherwise we will spend the night at anchor just off the beach.

Day 2

Highbourne to Warderick Wells  and Exuma Land and Sea Park

Awake to some of the most beautiful waters ever seen. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast while the crew prepares a full range of toys for you to choose from.

Shore exploring is a must, as this area is one of the only remaining habitats prolific with iguanas in the Bahamas. After lunch, get underway for the Exuma National Park, stopping at Warderick Wells.

The park is part of the Bahamas National Trust and includes 176 square miles of virgin waters in which all living creatures are protected. Fish here are not only abundant but also curious and provide endless snorkelling excitement.

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is the first of its kind in the world, famous for its impeccable beauty, outstanding anchorages and breathtaking marine environment.

Day 3

Warderick Wells to Hog Cay

Spend the morning climbing Bo Bo Hill for a view of the surrounding islands. Walk one of the many trails, explore the sperm whale skeleton that has been reconstructed on the beach or simply snorkel the morning away on one of the many reefs close to the anchorage.

On a yacht with two tenders on board, there is freedom for guests to do either or both activities simultaneously. While you’re enjoying the morning, the yacht will relocate to Hog Cay – just a stone’s throw away – to enable your party to enjoy a lunch overlooking the beach from the comfort of your aft deck. Spend the evening at Hog Cay.

Day 4

Hog Cay to Fowl Cay / Staniel Cay

Early this morning, start to make passage to ‘Fowl Cay’. Once anchored in behind the island in perfect shelter, begin to explore the area. There is an abundance of must see and do’s, including going to see the swimming pigs at Big Majors spot, snorkelling the famous Thunderball Grotto or simply relax and enjoy the sun and service on board.

Late afternoon, dock at Staniel Cay Yacht Club. This is a great chance to stretch your legs and get out for a party at the Yacht Club bar and restaurant. Thunderball Grotto, located just west of Staniel Cay, has been featured in several Hollywood films: Ron Howard’s ‘Splash’, two James Bond movies ‘Thunderball’ and ‘Never Say Never Again’, and ‘Into the Blue’.

Day 5

Staniel Cay to Bell Island

Rise to the feeding of the sleepy sharks off the end of the docks. If there wasn’t enough time to see all the attractions in the area yesterday, then we will make time today.

When all guests are ready, we’ll set off from Staniel Cay, bound for Bell Island – home to the best snorkelling in the Bahamas.

Spend the night at anchor to enjoy the serenity. While snorkelling around the reefs of Bell Island, keep a close eye out for Spiny Lobster as they seem to be prevalent in this area.

Day 6

Bell Island  to Norman’s Cay

As the late afternoon sun fades slowly, steam toward Norman’s Cay to enjoy perfect beaches and see the historic plane wreck left from the Pablo Escobar days of smuggling.

The wreck is a drug runner’s plane that crashed in the channel between Norman’s and Way Cay. The plane crashed in 4’ of water, and since then the water has eroded the sand around it. Only a small portion of the plane remains above the water at this time. The rest of the plane is remarkably intact. The wings and engines are still attached and you can swim through the fuselage and into the cockpit.

Day 7

Norman’s Cay

Head out for a morning of deep sea fishing, and hopefully bring back lunch for those who decided to sleep in. Norman’s Cay has some of the shallowest water in the Exumas, so it makes for a great Jet Ski ride. With a large lagoon and miles of beaches, there is something for everyone.

After lunch, pull up anchor and head for Atlantis Marina on Paradise Island adjacent to Nassau to allow time for shopping and a play at the water park – or we can return to Albany Marina, closer to the Nassau airport. Enjoy dinner on board, or dine out at a fine restaurant.

Day 8

Depending on your flight time, there are several options for today such as scuba diving, deep sea fishing or a trip into downtown Nassau.



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