Broughton Archipelago, 7 Nights

Sample Itinerary

Port McNeil to Port McNeil, Broughton Archipelago

Day 1

Port McNeil – Sonitula

12 noon boarding in Port McNeil. Good transportation by road or air. No problem parking a car! Sail to Sointula, the island settled in the early 1900s by the Finnish who dreamed of their own Utopia at Sonitula. Explore the village with its distinctive colored houses. Spend the night at anchor.

Day 2

Queen Charlotte Strait – Blunden Harbour

Proceed across the Queen Charlotte Strait to Blunden Harbour. This was once a major First Nations settlement and the remains of the town can still be seen. Inland from the harbor is a large tidal lagoon with great exploring by kayak or zodiac. Spend the night at anchor.

Day 3

Raynor Island Group – Broughton Islands

Sail to Sullivan Bay through the Raynor Island Group. Sullivan Bay is a floating town and everything comes in by float plane or boat. Then move on farther up Wells Passage into the Broughton Islands. Choice of anchorages at Grappler Sound, Claydon Bay or Overflow Basin.

Explore McKenzie Sound. This is a less traveled area, with remote bays, magnificent views of the high peaks, several First Nations villages and strong tidal passages.

Day 4

Echo Bay

Proceed today through magnificent Sutlej Channel, quick stop at Greenway Sound and on to Echo Bay via Penphrase Passage and Raleigh Passage. Echo Bay was at one time the center of this area but now just a school and some local residents remain. Great walking trail to Billy Proctor’s unique museum. Billy has lived his whole life on the coast and is a well known nature conservationist. A must see for anyone interested in past and present West Coast affairs. Dock for the night or anchor at Shoal Harbour.

Day 5

Cramer Passage – Health Bay

Start early in the morning exploring Cramer Passage to Health Bay. This is where we usually sight many black bears checking the beaches for clams, etc. in the early morning. Check out the Benjamin Group Islands. Anchor at Health Bay. Explore by kayak or zodiac and spy on the bears.

Day 6

Indian Group Islands

Travel through Spring Passage to Mamalilaculla, an old First Nations village. Explore this site as it is quickly disappearing in the bush. Transit to anchor at the Indian Group Islands.

Day 7

Alert Bay

Travel to Alert Bay for the last night onboard. Alert Bay once was a thriving fishing center with many canneries and a large fishing fleet. Now it is a sleepy island with a few restaurants, a large native population and a great native museum.

Day 8

Port McNeil

Arrive in Port McNeil around noon.


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