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The Gulf Islands of BC, Canada have a great deal to offer in a compact area.  A sunken mountain range, this area is reminiscent of the Caribbean’s Virgin Islands.

Sublime cruising in sheltered inland waters greets visitors to this stunning archipelago’s hundreds of islands. With abundant sunshine and a dry climate, this area is known as the “banana belt of the Pacific Northwest.”

Undulating sandstone cliffs, madrona trees, evergreen covered islands and ethereal snowy mountain peaks magnify the area’s beauty. You can also enjoy a wealth of on-shore activities, including visits to pristine remote islands, charming villages, inns and spas.

This area is a super location for viewing Orca whales, primarily “transients” who are thriving on their marine mammal prey.  You may be blessed with an intimate, and possibly extended encounters with these magnificent animals.

Porpoises, seals, bald eagles, otters, and sea birds are also frequent visitors.

“A most perfect week. Favorite moments: a scarlet sunrise behind Mt. Baker; playing with Orca whales; being at the helm in a hefty wind; evening hikes; sitting at the bow being totally alone with the sailing experience, anchoring out at night.” M.G., Oregon

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