Haida Gwaii – 7 nights

Sample Itinerary

Haida Gwaii – 7 nights

Luxury Yacht Charter in British Columbia

Day 1

Arrive to your charter yacht by private charter seaplane or helicopter. Alternately, fly in to Terrace, then a vehicle transfer to Kitimat to board your yacht. Cruise to anchor out at near Hartley Bay.

Day 2

Spirit bear viewing day! This is walking into one of 2 streams/rivers. Which day of your trip this will occur varies, so it’s not always Day 2.

Your guide is Marven, the Gitga’at Spirit Bear Keeper seen in the IMAX movie “The Great Bear Rainforest”. We hope to see the spirit bears feed on salmon in the streams and roam the verdant forest.

Days 3-5

Activities for other days can be customized to your preferences. We most often choose from:

Barnard Harbour on Princess Royal Island, near the Southern end of Gil Island.

Whale Passage: We visit “sea lion rock” and view humpback whales (hopefully bubblenet feeding and/or breaching!) in Whale Passage. Fin whales (second largest whale in the world after the Blue Whale) and Orca whales are also seen in this area. Visit either Cetacea Lab or Fin Whale researchers on Fin Island.

Khutze Inlet (shown in RED on map above). Tender over to the river, land and walk a tall grass meadow, hopefully seeing bears.

If wolves are around, go wolf viewing one morning at a little cove on Gil island.

Kayaking and/or SUP Stand Up Paddleboards.

Bishop Bay Hot Springs, or another place where we explore up a river (for scenery, not wildlife).

Day 6

Breakfast. Depart by by private charter seaplane or helicopter. Alternately, cruise back to Kitimat, then transfer back to Terrace to fly home.

Consider a donation to Pacific Wild, who advocate for the protection of the BC Coast. They also have astonishing books about BC, including the Great Bear Rainforest.

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