Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia

Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia

Many travelers describe magnificent Princess Louisa Inlet as the most beautiful place on Earth. It is also known as the “Yosemite of the North”.

After traveling 35 miles up massive fjords that cut into a mountain range, this magical inlet is the final stop, with Chatterbox Falls and scores of other cascading waterfalls, views to 6,500′ snow capped mountains, and a challenging hike with a lovely view. Chartering here is also often combined with neighboring Desolation Sound.

Princess Louisa Inlet is a protected marine park thanks to James F. (Mac) MacDonald. He first cruised the area in 1919. He purchased the land around Chatterbox Falls in 1927 and built a log cabin where he acted as host to visiting boaters. “This beautiful, peaceful haven should never belong to one individual,” he said. “I have felt that I was only the custodian of the property for Nature and it has been my duty to extend every courtesy.”  The land eventually passed to the British Columbia government and the property became Princess Louisa Provincial Marine Park.

Jervis Inlet cuts deep into the coastline and the mountains just off the Sechelt Peninsula. Beautiful, calm waters and snow-capped peaks greet boaters as they cruise up this granite-walled gorge to Princess Royal Reach then Queens Reach, where there is a branch to Princess Louisa Inlet and famous Chatterbox Falls. The “Malibu Rapids” mark the entrance to Princess Louisa, where a Christian children’s camp has its idyllic location.

The inlet, only reachable by boat or plane, is 300 meters deep, never more than 800 meters wide and eight kilometers long with fjord walls rising straight up from the placid sea waters. In the spring, the melting snow from the mountain peaks creates more than sixty waterfalls cascading down the inlet walls. At the head of the inlet is the 40-metre Chatterbox Falls, with a dock nearby offering moorage for 10 or more boats, and waters that reach 20 degrees Celsius in the summer. Yachts can anchor at the foot of Chatterbox Falls, along the steep rock walls, or for smaller yachts there are mooring balls behind MacDonald Island.