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Luxury Yacht Charter in Galapagos

“I found my week in the Galapagos wonderfully engaging, far beyond my expectations.  Wildlife that are often completely unafraid of people, and scenery, oh my!  Our crew made a special ceremony when we crossed the equator mid-week.” – Michael Sawyer

The Galapagos Islands are just under 600 miles off the Ecuadorian mainland. Astonishing wildlife encounters are the signature attraction.

This area is in the legendary “doldrums” with very light winds, and thus remarkably calm waters. A cooler season runs May to November, and a warmer season November to May.  Upwelling of the cool Humboldt Current brings an extraordinary abundance of marine life.

The Galapagos experience is unique in the world, as is their closed market allowing only local Ecuadorian vessels to charter. There is no ability for a traveling yacht to charter here.

That said, there are an ever-increasing choice of some very good vessels and programs available in the Galapagos for private luxury yacht charter.

Also unique to the Galapagos, to keep a moderate number of vessels in any location at any time, all vessel movements are managed by the Park authorities. You will generally have a morning excursion, travel mid-day, then arrive to a second location for an afternoon excursion. Yachts often travel at night. Each vessel with have a pre-approved itinerary for certain places on certain days, and any changes from that itinerary must be approved by the Park authorities.

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Getting here:
You first fly in to the Ecuadorian mainland, then fly out to the Galapagos.

Flying private, on arrival at your choice of multiple airports, you clear customs while your FBO disinfects your plane, then you fly to the Galapagos. There are two time windows per day for private aircraft arrival and departure (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). Departing, you first fly back to the mainland to clear customs out, then fly home.

Flying commercial, you will typically spend a hotel night on the mainland before boarding.  Most popular is to fly in to Quito at approximately 8,000′ of elevation, with the old town section a UN World Heritage Site.  Or if potential elevation sickness is a concern, you can overnight instead at sea level in Guyaquil. The next morning, you fly to the Galapagos Islands.

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