Greece Yacht Charters

Luxury Yacht Charter in Greece

“Greece for me is…. profound.  There is a unique depth to charter yacht experiences here.  I have explored 5 different areas personally, each distinctly different.  Let’s start planning your ideal trip!” – Michael Sawyer

Explore the land that history regards as the home of mythological gods and the birthplace of civilization. Experience sun-drenched islands contrasted with ancient ruins, cobalt blue skies and azure seas.

Meander among myriad islands in one of the Mediterranean’s most magical and seductive cruising grounds. The stunning natural beauty is ever present and the views are ever changing! Cruise beautiful islands, dazzling scenery, ancient civilization and beaches only experienced by sea.

In Greece, your options abound.  You can cruise in the:

  1. The lush Ionian Sea on the Western Coast, including Corfu.
  2. The Cyclades, notably including iconic Mykonos and Santorini.
  3. The Saronic Gulf and/or Peloponnese, including magical Hydra.
  4. The Dodecanese and the Sporades Islands in the far east, potentially also including Turkey.

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