Sleeps 12 guests in 6 guest stateroom(s).
2 with King Bed(s)
4 with Double Bed(s)


Cabin 42 m2, with double bed (200*200 cm)
Cabin 35 m2, with double bed (200*200 cm)
Cabin 12 m2, with double bed (180*190 cm)
Cabin 16 m2, with two twin beds convertible into double bed (100*190 cm)


Guests 12
Length142.00 Ft / 43.00 m
Beam8.10 m
Draft2.70 m
Built - Refit:2019 - []
Cruising Speed9-10


Dinghy6m, 70 HP Rismarine
Dinghy HP70 HP
Paddle Boards2
Single Kayaks3
Adult Water-skis2
Jet Skis2
Inflatable, towable tubes1
Scuba DivingYacht offers Rendezvous Diving only


From: 69,000
To: 75,000

Crew Profile


Marko Zuljevic

Tanja Milavic

Jakša Radic Vrzina

Jaksa Radić - Vrzina

Filip Zecic
Captain Andrija was born in Split into a family with a 30-year long tradition of maritime enterprise.
He spent most of his childhood helping his father and brothers on different ships owned by their
family so he knew very early where he sees himself in the future, happy at sea.
Graduated from the secondary Maritime high school in Split as a nautical officer of the deck but with
his eagerness to run a ship on his own, he was slowly upgraded to a Captain, with more than 8 years
of experience so far.
Andrija is a very athletic person; in his free time his passions are spearfishing and free climbing. He
used to play a guitar very well but he gave that hobby up in order to pursue new interests.
His crew speaks very highly of him as he runs his ship professionally and diligently.
Overall, Andrija is very warm and easy-going person, which you can see for yourself if you decide to
book M/S “Dalmatino” for an extraordinary Croatian cruising experience.

Filip Zečić, born in Split on August 6th, 1994 a qualified deckhand with over four years of experience in
yachting. He brings professionalism and structured approach to everyday jobs on the vessel. He has
been exclusively working in the yachting industry since 2017 and has much experience in hospitality
and customer service as well from his previous jobs. He enjoys diverse challenges of working with a
team, both on deck and on the bridge. He took on the challenges of of learning the subtle skills of
leadership as being someone who follows direction very well as well as being someone who can lead
by example. A very friendly, calm a respectful person, Filip takes pride in being a great team player.

Jakša was born and raised in Split and from an early age has been surrounded by Mediterranean
smells and tastes that later became his signature cooking style.
He started his carrier as a teenager developing basic knowledge in an a la carte restaurants on the
coast and islands of Dalmatia but his curious spirit led him abroad and to charter yachts where he
found himself to be most creative.
His inspiration comes from nature and seaside way of life that can be shown in the traditional
cooking presented in a modern way. Enthusiastically learning new cooking techniques but because
the presence of daily fresh fish his focus is more on creating dishes which include raw or minimally
treated fish that keeps freshness and taste.
Jakša is friendly, open and always available to his guests for any request or suggestion about the
menu as the only goal he has is having a happy and satisfied guest.
In spare time he does sports and hiking but his biggest passion alongside cooking is traveling and
meeting new people and discovering new and interesting cultures.

Tanja was born in the city of Split. She finished Language education high school in Omiš, which is a
small town located on the sea and known in history for pirates. That should not scare you as it is just a
product of its rich culture in sailing and manufacturing of old wooden ships. She speaks fluent English
and has knowledge of conversational Italian and Spanish.
She is well experienced in working on boats and is eager to serve and make each one of her guests a
VIP one. Tanja is open to new experiences and getting to know new people and places which makes
her an easygoing person but very dedicated to her job as a crew member on Dalmatino.
In her free time, she loves going for walks in nature with her pets, doing pilates and hiking so he truly
enjoys the outdoors and has that adventurous spirit.

Marko was born in Split where he finished his school education as an electronics technician but
being born by the sea made him take a different direction in life and he started working on
boats. He is experienced in his job, serving his customers in the best possible way.
People would describe him as a very communicative and an outgoing person. He speaks fluent
English and if you ever need good music, he is your go-to guy, when he is not on board of
Dalmatino, Marko is a DJ.

Gabriel, as one of the youngest members of the crew is a great addition to Dalmatino. He was born in
Melbourne, Australia so no worries about his English. Gabriel is a sports person and actively plays
football and handball. Being so young, Gabriel is very excited to acquiring new knowledge although
he has been working on different yacht for the past few years.

After high school she went to study in Graz (Austria) because she always wanted to study outside of
Ines perfected German language in Austria, but after a year and a half, she decided to return to
Croatia because she desired to continue her career in her home country.
Graduated in International Management in Hospitality and Tourism at Aspira in Split. She speaks
fluent English and German.
In her free time, she loves hiking and is interested in any kind of recreation, so Ines tries to spend
most of her free time in nature and outdoors.
She loves to travel, meet new people and cultures, and learn new languages.
With a completed course for a tourist guide she is most definitely a great addition to the crew and
guests will be happy to learn new and interesting things from her while on board


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