Karat Ii

Guests: 8 From: 23,900
Staterooms: 4
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Sleeps 8 guests in 4 guest stateroom(s).
2 with Double Bed(s)
2 with Twin Bed(s)


Guests 8
Length66.00 Ft / 20.00 m
Beam5.23 m
Draft1.6 m
Built - Refit:2017 - No Refit Date Set
Cruising Speed15


DinghyWilliams tender turbo jet 325
Paddle Boards2
Snorkeling gearYes
Scuba DivingYacht offers Rendezvous Diving only


From: 23,900
To: 32,000

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Envision yourself on a nautical adventure like no other with My Karat II, a 20.33-meter Azimut that stands as a testament to luxury and exploration. Nestled in the stunning waters of Split, this yacht promises to unleash your yachting passion. With her sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship, she is a symbol of sophistication on the waves. Every inch of this 20.33-meter marvel reflects Azimut's commitment to creating vessels that marry style with performance. 4 inviting cabins await you and your guests, providing a haven of comfort and relaxation. With the capacity to sleep 8, My Karat II ensures that your yacht journey is not just about exploration but also about unwinding in utmost luxury. Equipped with a fantastic tender, your passport to explore the hidden gems of Montenegro. Journey to breathtaking snorkel spots and dive into crystal-clear waters beaming with marine life, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world with the 8 sets of high-quality snorkel gear. From colorful coral reefs to intriguing marine life, you are invited to discover the beauty beneath the surface. Paddle along the stunning Croatian coastline, where rugged cliffs meet azure waters. My Karat II invites you to explore hidden coves, charming villages, and ancient cities, all from the comfort of your floating sanctuary. As the day comes to a close, relax on the spacious deck and witness the sun dip below the horizon. With Split as your backdrop, My Karat II ensures that every moment is bathed in the warm glow of a Mediterranean sunset.


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