Sleeps 8 guests in 4 guest stateroom(s).
1 with King Bed(s)
3 with Queen Bed(s)


1 x Master cabin, 4 double queen berth cabins


Guests 8
Length67.00 Ft / 20.00 m
Beam31.2 ft
Draft5.1 ft
Built - Refit:2014
Cruising Speed8 knots


Dinghy HP50
Paddle BoardsYes
Adult Water-skisYes
Jet SkisNo
Snorkeling gearYes
Inflatable, towable tubesYes
Fishing GearYes
Scuba DivingOnboard

Other Toys

Charter yacht LIR has a range of extras and amenities including the following:
~ Lir has a full range of water sports’ equipment to enhance the guests’ enjoyment:
~ Caribe 4 meters with a Honda 50 hp
~Jobe wakeboard
~Jobe kneeboard
~Jobe set of waterskis
~Jobe Adult lifejackets
~Jobe Infant Lifejackets
~Jobe kickflip Inflatable tube for towing (2 seater)
~Jobe hydra inflatable tube for towing (solo rider)
~Inflatable platforms (both 4m x 1m, can be tied to make 2m x 4m or 8m x 1m as part of an obstacle course)
~Itiwit inflatable paddle boards (1x10' and 1x11')
~Masks and snorkel sets
~Sets of Cressie fins (4x S-M. 4x M-L. 4x L-XL)
~Aqua Lung BCDs (1x small and 3xmedium and 1xlarge)
~Oceanic BCD (M)
~Seaquest BCD (XS)
~Shorty wetsuits (1x XS, 1x M, 3x L 2x XL, 1x XXXL)
~5mm full scuba wetsuits - Aqualung (1x XS, 3x S. 4x M, 3x L)
~3mm full surf wetsuits - West (3x L)
~Dive tanks (6x aluminum 12L, 2x steel 12L, 1x Steel 15L)
~Regulator sets (4x Aqualung, 3x Scubapro)
~Emergency DAN O2 oxygen kits
~Hobie kayak (2 seater)
~Trampoline beanbags
~Lounge beanbags
~Trolling fishing rods (with Okuna multiplier reel)
~Spinning fishing rods (with Shimano and Penn single spool reels)
~ Optional full bimini cover for the top deck and enclosure for the cockpit if required


From: 27,500


Crew Profile

Darragh McCarthy

Thomas van der Giessen

Marina Genisio
Name: Darragh McCarthy
Position: Captain
Nationality: British

Darragh has sailed professionally for more than 12 years so brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. With more than 150,000 miles notched up you can be certain that your Captain will ensure that you have the best possible experience during your time on Lir. Darragh has spent a considerable amount of time in the Mediterranean (plus areas such as Thailand and Mexico). English, basic Spanish

Name: Thomas van der Giessen
Position: Chef
Nationality: French

Thomas is a French/Dutch national, with an insatiable passion for fine cuisine and yachting combined. Professionally trained he enjoys creating delectable menus with European and Asian flair. Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients where possible, he amazes his guests with stunning plates of unforgettable meals. At 26 years of age, he is a keen and enthusiastic individual with an undeniable love for cooking, sailing, active sports, and travel.
Name: Marina Genisio

Position: Stewardess/deckhand
Nationality: Australian

Marina will be a welcome addition to team Lir in 2022. Growing up in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Marina spent her childhood swimming, kayaking and scuba diving so this is the perfect industry for Marina to allow her to continue her passion. Marina has both lived and worked in a variety of different countries and can converse in many languages. You will see that Marina is equally as comfortable preparing you your favourite cocktail as she is climbing the rigging as required. Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.


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