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Aeolian Islands

Luxury Yacht Charter in Aeolian Islands

An Aeolian Islands, Sicily charter aboard catamaran OMBRE BLU ³ is a superb way to experience these magnificent islands, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These seven magical islands, Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli and the further isolated Filicudi and Alicudi are all very beautiful and very different.

The islands rise out of the Tyrrhenian Sea, some fifteen miles off the coast of mainland Sicily. Crystal clear waters and active volcanoes are a feature, and each island is a new paradise. This is also a haven for Diving.

Your charter in the Aeolian Islands, Sicily brings you to the crossroads of Mediterranean culture. Under the warm Sicilian sun, you will experience the magic and allure of a place famous for delicious cuisine, wine, and fascinating history…whilst cruising in privacy and luxury.

Cruise to the island of Stromboli where the magnificent mountain is the only volcano in the world with constant activity for over two thousand years. Viewing the frequent eruptions by day is spectacular enough, but at night, it becomes a totally different and unforgettable experience.   You will have the opportunity to take the guided climb to the top of the crater or view the flaming color of the magma in comfort whilst sipping cocktails aboard the vessel.

The port of Lipari is lined with quaint shopping streets and fresh produce markets. Here, you can live the history of the islands in the beautiful Archaeological Museum, situated within the walls of the old town. On your way to the museum, you can shop for black obsidian jewelry. A beautiful stairway leads up to the walls of the ancient city dating back to the Neolithic Age. On the way down, “a must” is a stop for a ‘Cannolo’, a famous Sicilian pastry stuffed with fresh ricotta and topped with pistachio nuts. If you are a wine lover, we can arrange a tour and tasting at the state-of-the art biological winery. Enjoy a tour of the island by scooter. Enjoy a wonderful dinner in one of Lipari’s fine restaurants.

Panarea is the most sophisticated of the islands. Our anchorage is in crystal-clear waters at the foot of a pre-historic village 1300 BC. During the day, it’s about the nature, anchoring in the pristine bays. There is also a magnificent walk around the island.  In the evening, head ashore for some shopping in the many boutiques, followed by an aperitivo at the Bar del Porto and then to one of the delightful restaurants, with views across to Stromboli. After dinner you can dance the night away. Panarea is a true paradise!

On the island of Vulcano, you can walk to visit the spectacular plugged crater and return to swim in bubbling sea water.

Taste the capers and Malvasia of Salina, rent a scooter, and visit its many colorful villages. We won’t tell you more other than it is often the favorite island of our guests.

Filicudi and Alicudi are the farthest islands where nature takes the centre stage!

All of this awaits you in the Aeolian Islands, Sicily.


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